Friday, June 22, 2012

Miracle Babies

Before writing this post, I went back and was looking at the posts from when they were first born and how tiny they were.  It's so amazing how far we have come in two months.  Brent and I have always said that these boys were miracles and that they truly have a purpose for being here.  This was reaffirmed for us today.  My OB finally got the pathology reports back on their placentas and the nurse who was giving me the report told me that 1) if she hadn't known our boys were doing as well as they were she would have made the doctor call and give me the report because it was that bad and 2) she had been doing this for over 40 years and it took a lot to shake her and when she read my report she had chills and couldn't believe our boys were as healthy as they are.  There wasn't one good thing in the pathology report and it was just down right ugly.  I know that we all had someone looking after us and that these boys are meant to do something truly wonderful!

So we are getting much closer to bringing babies home!  The NICU ordered all of Lennox and Paxton's pre-discharge tests yesterday.  These will take place over the next several days and the NICU staff have told us that Lennox will more than likely be discharged before Paxton.  They have told us that Lennox will probably come home sometime around Tuesday and Paxton will probably be about a week or so behind.  So exciting!!

Lennox has been taking a bottle for every feeding the past few days and has also nursed several times.  Paxton is getting a bottle for every other feeding and has nursed several times.  The boys have both passed their hearing screenings and have had their follow up ultrasounds of their heads, which came back normal.

The boys will both come home on apnea monitors.  This will measure and record their heart rate and breathing, alerting us to any abnormalities.  Although I am glad they are coming home with monitors, we had the training for the monitors today and they are by far the loudest things ever.  There is no volume control and we will literally be able to hear them from any place in our house.  They sound a lot like a smoke detector but a lot louder!  But better safe than sorry!  They have told us they will probably have the monitors anywhere from 3 to 6 months.

Also in very exciting news, Paxton got put in a real crib today!!  This week we also gained the title of NICU veterans, as we have been there longer than any other babies!

Paxton in his real crib

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  1. Miracles for sure! We also know there has been a special Angel (Gran) watching them 24/7! You and Brent are so strong and getting them home will be such a joy... Can't wait to come see yall and I know Conley will be so excited as well :) So happy when your family will all be together at home. Love Rick & Cindy